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Sydney Halston 
Tour Dates Feb 18-23
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Henry Circle
Tour Dates Jan 12-17th

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Pat Frayne
Tour Dates: Jan 7-13th 2013 

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Dina Rae
Tour Dates: December 5-13th 2012 

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Kathy Lynn Harris 
Tour Dates Dec  3-10th 2012

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Ellis Drake

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Victoria Dannan 

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Neil McGarry & Daniel Ravipnto

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Lisa Maliga
Tour dates: November 5-19th, 2012 

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Tour dates: November 5-10th 2012

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Charlotte Henley Babb
Tour Dates: Nov 8-18th 2012

Buy Links: Amazon Kindle:  http://amzn.to/M   B&N Nook:  http://bit,ly/Maven-bn     Smashwords:  http://bit.ly/MavenSW
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Goodreads:   http://bit.ly/Ma | Website:http://charlottehenleybabb.com/

Laurel O'Donnell 

Lost Souls Tour dates: October 8-17, 2012 

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Amber Polo 
Buy Links:  Amazon                
September 10-17 Excerpt Tour: Sept 18, 2012

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Lauren Clark 

Taylor Dean 
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Holly Bush 

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Steve Theunissen 


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Sibelle Stone 
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Megan S. Johnston 
Tour dates: August 3-10th

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C.S. Dorsey 

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Olivia Boler
Tour Dates: June 11-25, 2012

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Misty Evans

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