Past Tour : Transition by Megan S. Johnston August 3-10th

Transition, The Chimera Hunter Series
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance 
Number of Pages:  259
Publisher: Self Published 
Formats available for review: Ebook 

The Chimera are a race so old, the humans relegated them as a myth. The Gods feared the Chimeras’ powers; they believed they were a deadly race, with physical abilities beyond belief. So, they split their race in half condemning them to wander the earth, searching for their other half to be complete. Without their sodalis, each was destined to live life without dreams, without love, without hope. The future rested on finding their one true mate for life. 

SHELBY O’NEIL has led a solitary life with her parents. So when she goes to school at Washington State University, she believes her life has just begun. Now in her second year, the dreams begin. She dreams with the same man, night after night for months. When her dream world becomes her reality, and her life becomes a danger zone, she quickly learns to trust the one man who has thrown her into this new and dangerous world.

DEVELON COLE is Chimera and his race has been on earth as long as humans. His people were desperate to find their one true mate for life, and Develon had just found his, in the small college town of Pullman Washington. His goal was to protect her against the hunter’s and guide her into who she was always destined to be, his sodalis, his mate.


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