Past Tour: Groom And Doom by Theresa Braun November 5-10

Title: Groom and Doom 
Author: Theresa Braun 
Genre: Chick Lit/Womens Fiction 
Number of Pages: 254
Format: Ebook Only 


Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story gives a realistic portrayal of a day that ends up less like the fairytale so many girls dream of and more like a roller coaster ride without the brakes. Angela must listen to her heart when a tarot card reading before the wedding in Crete casts a ray of doubt on her happily-ever-after. She resolves to let her relationship and her destiny take flight. 

And the family drama ensues. Soon after the bride and groom arrive in Greece, they are tormented mentally and emotionally by the groom’s father, Georgius. Tensions rise and Angela’s body reacts to the stress, all while she begins to realize she has absolutely no control over anything related to the ceremony.

She and Stavros finally escape to Venice for their romantic honeymoon where she is haunted by ridiculous sightings of Georgius, her mind warped by the wedding’s trauma. Angela prays the honeymoon will still be magical enough to keep them together. 

Love is war, one that is complicated by a host of human flaws. The newlyweds duck for cover from an obstinate father-in-law lighting the fuse, as they struggle to avoid their relationship’s complete annihilation

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