I asked ABG Reads Books Tours to set up a two week blog tour to coincide with the release of my debut novel, THE LETTER. Collette went beyond what I'd even hoped for. I wouldn't hesitate to use ABG again. I got some really great reviews from the book bloggers participating in the tour. ABG was professional and followed through on their promisesThanks, ABG!

~Sandra Owens 

olette does a fantastic job, works very hard to fill the blog tour, follows up with each blogger, and makes recommendations on appropriate guest post topics .... She really KNOWS her stuff!  She makes my job so much easier because I know that she's paying attention, tweeting, and following up! That's huge for me.
~Lauren Clark

I have toured with ABG Book Tours twice.  Colette went above and beyond my expectations in placing my novels with reviewers and blogs interested in the horror/paranormal genre.  The tours generated interest and sales in my work.  I will use her service again.  ABG is a great value and promotional tool.  I recommend this service to any writer who wants to get their novel and name out on the Internet highway. 

~Dina Rae, http://dinarae.co

Colette did a superb job of Content Editing on my short story,Hot Danger in Paradise. I don't have a beta reader right now so this service was invaluable to me. It's so important to have someone else look at a manuscript! Her suggestions were right on the money and she got back with me promptly. Her critique was to-the-point, yet gentle. I highly recommend ABG Reads and Colette to anyone who needs another pair of eyes to go over their work.   
~Naomi Bellina  

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